Comparison T-Chart


  • Are your clients addressing the next employer’s real-life needs?
  • Can they clearly demonstrate that they are the perfect match?
  • Want them to be selected over other qualified candidates?

“Employers are impressed by candidates who put in the extra effort to understand and address their specific needs.”

Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist


Comparison T-Chart

A Comparison T-Chart is a powerful way to organize strengths and help employers visualize your client’s value. The T-Chart is a differentiator between your client and all the other candidates. It is a powerful tool that shows how your client meets and exceeds specific job requirements. This strategy showcases the exact competencies and qualifications that the employer needs. The format powerfully addresses the employer’s needs and how your client is the ideal candidate to meet them. Use it as a supplement to your client’s resume.

If you want to surpass industry standards, create a unique design and strategy for every client. You’ll find many more samples in Best Canadian Resumes and Best Canadian Cover Letters. To learn about your professional development and attain your Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) designation, schedule a complimentary appointment with Sharon Graham.

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