Follow-Up Letter


  • Do your clients know how to keep in the game?
  • Are they able to revive prime opportunities?
  • Are they wasting chances to win the offer?

“The search process is often lengthy. Don’t ever assume you have lost just because you have not heard back. By sending a follow-up letter you can revive the opportunity.”

Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist

Follow-Up Letter

A Follow-Up Letter can hold considerable power and influence. When the interviews are completed, many candidates forget to send this essential letter. A follow-up letter proactively expresses continued interest in a position. It shows assertiveness, persistence, and follow-through. If the organization has had difficulty filling the position, this one action may be the spark that triggers them to revive discussions.

The letter will give another opportunity to reiterate why your client is the one for the job. A strong follow-up letter can reinforce the decision makers’ memory and influence them to re-visit the candidacy. It reminds them that they will be making an excellent decision if they hire your client.

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