Key Initiatives (Mini-Case Studies)


  • Are your clients effectively communicating their value?
  • Do they have a strong “leave-behind” document?
  • Can your clients express, by example, their transferable successes?

“Employers know that past achievements directly relate to future performance. That’s why job seekers need to articulate their accomplishments and potential in interviews. A list of key initiatives is an ideal ‘leave behind’ as a tangible reminder of their performance.”

Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist

Key Initiatives (Mini-Case Studies)

Your clients’ Key Initiatives are essential to their presentation to employers. The key initiatives document is a marketing tool that provides bite-sized case studies highlighting key successes in the behavioural format. Your clients will express their most transferable career-defining achievements in more detail than a traditional resume allows.

The key intiatives document also gives a platform to discuss achievements and how your client can implement similar results for the potential employer. This one page may be a most powerful “leave-behind” document, which reminds decision makers about your client’s potential and reinforces the unique value brought to the table.

If you want to surpass industry standards, create a unique design and strategy for every client. You’ll find many more samples in Best Canadian Resumes and Best Canadian Cover Letters. To learn about your professional development and attain your Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) designation, schedule a complimentary appointment with Sharon Graham.

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