Narrative Biography (Profile)


  • Are your clients effectively communicating their career path, personality and passion?
  • Do they have a strong leave-behind document when networking?
  • Are you truly helping them to express the intangible value offered?

“A conversational profile is the central element of every experienced job seeker’s portfolio package. Without it, they cannot effectively communicate their impressive career path, personality, and passion.”

Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist

Narrative Biography Example (Profile)

If you are working with experienced professionals, a Narrative Biography must be included in the portfolio. This essential self-marketing document tells your client’s story. It complements the resume, but can also be used as a stand-alone document any time your client wants to present it to a recruiter, employer, or networking contact. A well-written profile injects personality and branding, expresses your client’s passion, and leaves behind a lasting message.

With a narrative biography, your clients will no longer be confined to the boundaries of a standard resume. Instead, they will display a robust picture of their background, values, interests, and style that distinguishes them from their competitors.

If you want to surpass industry standards, create a unique design and strategy for every client. You’ll find many more resume samples in Best Canadian Resumes and Best Canadian Cover Letters. To learn about your professional development and attain your Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) designation, schedule a complimentary appointment with Sharon Graham.

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