Career Development in Canada

 Career Development in Canada

Career Development is the approach an individual makes to ensure meaningful work throughout his or her lifespan. Properly applied, it enables the individual to make informed educational, occupational, and employment choices. Career Development is a lifelong process of learning and growing that takes a “whole person” approach so that an individual can effectively:

  • Determine a vocation: Preparing for the “world of work”
  • Complete a career transition: Navigating through a “career change” or “job change”
  • Ensure career management: Focusing on employability throughout a person’s “work life”

Career Professionals of Canada’s Career Development Model provides an overview of this approach.

The Canadian field of career development is fascinating. Practitioners are diverse, specializing in areas such as employment consulting, career coaching, resume writing, job development, personal career branding and much more.

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Career Development Model used by Canadian career practitioners