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If you are a Canadian career practitioner, this is your source for valuable information. Feel free to leverage these resources in your professional and business development. Get cutting-edge insights and techniques that will help you grow your competencies and expand your business. Keep up with the latest industry trends and prepare yourself ahead of changes. Take advantage of these FREE resources today!

Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners

The Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs) define the competencies Career Development Practitioners need in order to practice effectively and ethically. They are used extensively in Canada in shaping professional training and development programs, certification and scope of practice. Click Here

Where’s the Work: Helping Career Practitioners Explore Their Career Options

Developed by LIFE STRATEGIES, provides career practitioners with a better sense of where work exists for them, beyond government contracts. Life Strategies offers a series of webinars along with this supporting handbook providing case examples to bring to life the diversity of work options available to career practitioners. Click Here

Templates vs. Brands: Design Differences Between a Resume Template and a Brand

Compare a typical resume template used by inexperienced job seekers versus a branded design. Resumes with design elements that are above and beyond the typical templates require advanced expertise in Microsoft Word. Experienced practitioners know and understanding the differences so that they can develop unique design elements. Click Here

OUTLOOK 2010: Competitive Career Intelligence for 6-Figure Canadians

GRAHAM MANAGEMENT GROUP’s landmark survey of executives, directors, managers, and other six-figure professionals in career transtition. The survey addesses the competitive career and job search landscape and identifies strategies for Canadians. Get insight into the Canadian career market for professionals in the $100k+ salary bracket. Click Here

Research Study: How does your Resume Compare?

In the largest Canadian research study of its kind, GRAHAM MANAGEMENT GROUP evaluated 3600 randomly selected resumes received from 2009 through 2010. Review this analysis carefully, as it will provide insight into the Canadian career market for professionals in the $100k+ salary bracket. Click Here

CPC LinkedIN Group: All Canadian Practitioners Can Subscribe

CAREER PROFESSIONALS OF CANADA’s LinkedIn Group is a meeting place for Canadian practitioners. The purpose of the group is to ask advice, get insight, learn more about CPC (the organization) and develop relationships with like-minded colleagues. If you are a Canadian career practitioner, you are welcome to join (CPC membership is not required). Click Here