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Sharon Graham

SHARON GRAHAM is Canada’s Career Strategist. With a passion for supporting the career development industry in Canada, she has made it her personal goal to enable Canadian employment practitioners, career consultants, outplacement specialists, and résumé writers to achieve career and business success. An advocate for ethics and integrity in the Canadian labour market, Sharon has elevated procedures and practices within the sector. A leading authority on resume, interview, and career transition services, Sharon provides career consultants, coaches, counsellors, and resume writers with leading-edge strategies and real-world resources to enable them to succeed in their profession.

Take Your Professional Expertise to the Next Level

Do you wish you could:

  • Deliver world-class career transition programs and services to your clients
  • Upgrade your skills and expertise with leading-edge tools and techniques
  • Deal effectively with difficult clients and unexpected challenges
  • Address real-world client situations and barriers more effectively

Partner with Sharon Graham and receive customized training, consulting, mentoring, and support.

Get INSPIRED. INVEST in yourself. Make an IMPACT!

How Can Sharon Help You Attain Your Goals?

Sharon Graham customizes your program to meet your needs. Your custom program will address your specific challenges. You’ll receive the training, consulting, mentoring, and/or services that you want. Sharon will provide you with a wealth of information and strategies to help you achieve your goals. You’ll take advantage of real-world resources, tools, and intellectual property to elevate your career to world-class standards.

Sharon will work on your schedule and provide services within your timeframe and framework. You do not need to travel as Sharon will “meet” with you by Zoom or phone. You’ll get to work from the comfort of your home or office.

Your success is Sharon’s success!

What is Your Return on Investment?

Sharon Graham customizes and delivers all services personally. As one of Canada’s top consultants for career practitioners and service providers, Sharon’s knowledge and expertise is résumé, interview, employment, career, and business development services. To provide the greatest Return on Investment (ROI), she only accepts clients who practice in one or more of these related areas.

Sharon’s consulting rate is $200/hr. Content writing is charged at $0.30/word. Your investment is based on the complexity of the assignment. After a complimentary consultation with Sharon, you will be provided with an exact fee for your custom services.

You will become a leader in your area of expertise!

Total Quality Commitment & Guarantee to Clients

Sharon Graham is dedicated to providing clients and members of Career Professionals of Canada with quality training, mentoring, consulting, support, and resources. Sharon applies integrity and fairness in all dealings with her clients. Her reputation for professionalism and confidentiality makes her a valuable resource for discerning professionals in the Canadian Careers Industry.

We hope that you will give Sharon Graham an opportunity to be a part of your success!

You will be 100% satisfied with our services.

Throughout your assignment, Sharon’s focus remains on exceeding your expectations and industry standards for professionalism, competence, performance, and value.

  • You will receive individual focused attention customized services to meet your specific needs.
  • You will achieve your specific business objectives outlined at the outset.
  • More than this – Sharon will exceed all your expectations.
  • We guarantee that our services will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Sharon knows your success is her success!

Business Ethics & Integrity

As Founder and Chair of Career Professionals of Canada (CPC), Sharon Graham is an active advocate for ethics and integrity in the Canadian career industry.

Sharon Graham strictly follows a rigorous Code of Ethics set by Career Professionals of Canada. CPC members are guided by the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.

Sharon Graham is an outspoken advocate for ethics and integrity in the Canadian labour market and the career services industry. Her vision is a labour market that is free from practices that prey on job seekers, take advantage of workers, and exploit businesses.

For Canadians to feel safe and secure, practitioners must display personal integrity, business ethics, and institutional governance. Sharon takes this initiative personally and regularly draws attention to colleagues, CPC members, and business partners who display high moral character that equals their performance.

Take an active role, alongside Sharon, in improving the ethics and integrity within the Canadian labour market and the career services industry!